Mike McBride

January 28, 2014
Mike McBride
GOAL Foundation
Ogden Marathon
To Whom It May Concern:
From one race director to another I'm more than happy to recommend A Co.
to fulll your crowd control and barricade needs for your upcoming event.
The Ogden Marathon held in Ogden, Utah in May uses approximately 3500'
of crowd control fencing that is supplied and set-up exclusively by the A Co.
Our 10,000 runners and 25,000 spectators are guided safely and clearly as a
result of the infrastructure this equipment provides. A Co. is reliable,
responsive and thorough. If you're able to supply them with a set-up and
tear-down plan then you should expect a good result from them with
minimal supervision. We all know that time is at a premium on event day!
A Co. has designed a barricade that ts an 8' x 30" high banner with a tight
nish and it looks great in a chute. It also sets up and moves easily, not like
the old steel barricade with rounded corners.
The best news is that they are savvy enough to price their superior product
and service very competitively.
We've been very happy with our experience at A Co.
Best Regards,
Mike McBride
Ogden Marathon
Ogden Marathon