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Available only in our Boise Branch, we provide professional, knowledgeable and reliable grease trap pumping service for both indoor traps and outdoor interceptors for restaurants.  We care about the environment and we want to help your restaurant keep grease out of the sewers.

BROWN GREASE Service Advantages:

-  Scheduling:  We offer flexible service schedules to meet your needs - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service schedules.

-  Fully permitted and licensed.

-  Effective record keeping/reporting:  Manifests are provided upon completion of each service. Our manifests give your local health department the confidence and documentation that you are taking care of your grease trap.

-  Trained technicians:  Our technicians understand the science behind how a grease trap works and how to address any drain issues.

-  Educate:  We educate your staff on best management practices to properly maintain your traps.  Properly maintained traps can be serviced less frequently, saving you money.

-  Environment:  We are stewards of the enviornment and assure that collected material is properly disposed of.


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