Safety and Compliance

Safety is extremely important here at A Company. Our record stands as proof that we have never caused the loss of life, limb, vision or hearing. How do we do this?

  • Safety First.
  • Our ‘Proactive Approach to Safety’ requires personnel to report situations that may contribute to future accidents.
  • Personal safety equipment is worn by employees while working in our operation’s yard.
  • Hard hats, safety vests and goggles are worn while on all of our customer’s construction sites.
  • Regular Safety Training is included in the comprehensive training for all Professional Service Technicians.

The following Safety Provisions are followed in ‘The Training of a Professional Service Technician’:

  • Service Technicians must always be ‘in the know’ and in compliance with laws, rules and regulations concerning safe practices as published by governmental agencies having jurisdiction over such matters. Minimum compliance is barely compliant and barely compliant is barely safe!
  • Sound judgment and safe practices are expected and must be exercised in the work habits of all Service Technicians and by all employees at A Company.
  • Service Technicians must successfully complete the Industry Standard training course, which is the ‘Driver Technician Certification Program’ published by the Portable Sanitation Association International before operating vehicles and equipment for the first time.
  • Service Technicians acquire a thorough understanding of transporting and setting up our equipment which aides in maintaining our unblemished, “Safety First” philosophy.
  • Service Technicians enter your site with access to proper Personal Protective Equipment including hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and footwear.
  • Service Technicians receive extensive training in OSHA and ANSI regulations involving the safe handling and disposal of domestic waste.
  • A Company is MSWA (Mutual Sewage Works Association) compliant.