Orange is the New Green

In line with our ‘Legendary Gold Medal Service’, A Company has an interest in taking measures to ensure our operations follow sustainable practices to minimize our adverse impact on the environment. In 2010 we implemented a formal sustainability program that addresses waste reduction by recycling and reuse. Our program earned A Company through the Uniform Standard for Green Business Certification (GBC) program. This certification is governed by the Institute for Green Business Certification; a Better Business Bureau “A” Rated organization serving small businesses throughout the United States and Canada. The GBC sustainability program defines key areas and specific guidelines in categories such as:

  • Solid waste reduction, reuse and recycling
  • Energy efficiency and reduced use of diminishing resources
  • Water efficiency and reduced use
  • Purchasing and packaging alternatives
  • Reduction in “carbon footprint”
  • Pollution prevention
  • Reduced external air emissions and improved interior air quality
  • Education of employees and customers about green business efforts
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduction in hazardous waste and proper handling
  • Avoidance of additional user/mitigation permits and fees

Every employee is familiar with our ‘Orange is Green’ Initiative! We go above and beyond the standards of our certification to make sure we aren’t just meeting the goal, we are exceeding it!

We thank our partners for their commitment to our ‘Orange is Green Initiative’. By being our partner, you’ve made a decision to protect the environment for generations to come.