Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bernie?

Bernie is the founding father of A Company Portable Restrooms. He started this business in 1972 with a goal to provide quality customer service after he was unable to find a quality portable restroom when building a home. His two sons Larry and Jeff continue to follow his vision providing quality customer service.

What is “Orange is Green”?

The ORANGE Goal:  To improve the world by reducing our carbon footprint by 30 percent.

  • Our Total Quality Customer Focus is completely Unique to A Company Portable Restrooms.
  • Reduce the need for 2x/week and 3/week service for most of the calendar year because of our specially designed restroom sump.
  • Reduce carbon footprint per jobsite 50% or more because of fewer visits to sites.
  • Leads by example in the Portable Restroom Industry.
  • Leaves planet better for our grandchildren and posterity.
  • Less traffic on roads. Less chance of accidents, Less congestion on sites. Reduces accident downtime for our Customers.
  • Customer-Driven program to use restroom for a great number of years when brand new restrooms are not necessary.
  • Products don’t end up in landfill - Environment is saved.
  • Reduces solid waste disposal and the need for new mineral.
  • Our restrooms are made to last longer before discarding.
  • Orange is Green program is completely self-sustaining for every customer.

Do you service RV’s Boats or Trailers?

Absolutely!  Please call us to schedule a time to bring your boat or RV by our location, or we can schedule a pumping service during the week with one of our service routes. Call our helpful Customer Service Agents for more information.

Can you pump my septic system?

Yes, as long as the lid is exposed and there is no digging involved.

Can you put a portable restroom indoors?

Yes, we are able to put a portable restroom inside; however, the ventilation of the Portable Restroom is designed for outside.  Check with one of our Customer Service Agents so we can best suit your needs.

Can I have my Portable Restroom(s) customized/decorated for my event?

Yes! We can have a photo enlarged to customize your Portable Restroom to match the event, such as a bride and groom for a wedding.  Other options include having several units in a row with a theme print or your favorite team to show your school spirit.  This feature is available for the regular Portable Restrooms as well our modular trailers units. The options are endless!

Do I have to have a permit for my event?

Check with the local City permit department in which you're holding your event and they can advise you best.

Can you deliver/pick up on weekends?

Yes!  Please check with our Customer Service Agent to find out the fees for this service.  However, at A Company Portable Restrooms, in order to save you the most money and reduce costs for our valued customers we recommend that we bring your restroom out when we are servicing in your area. You will only be charged for the days you have requested the unit.

What is your holiday schedule?

When the following holidays fall on a normal business week, Monday-Friday, we observe the following holidays and we are closed. But if there is an emergency and you need assistance you can still call our dispatch line and talk to a live person 24/7!  Services normally scheduled on these days will be performed on the next scheduled non-holiday service day.

Memorial Day
Independence day - July 4
Labor Day
Christmas Day - December 25
New Years Day


What are your hours of operation?

We have service available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

What types of payment do you accept?

We Accept:    

Major credit cards  -  Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express.  Cards will be charged immediately upon placing the order.

Money Orders or Cashier’s check  -  received at local branch at least 3 days before delivery.

Personal Check  -  only if received and processed through brank at least 2 weeks before the event.

Check by Phone  -  1 week before the event.

Where are you located?

A Company Portable Restrooms has branches located in:  Boise, Idaho  -  Salt Lake City, Utah  -  Las Vegas, Nevada  -  Phoenix Arizona

Do you service my area?

We currently service areas in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and a portion of Oregon.  Please contact our friendly Customer Services Agents at 1-800-456-1200 for more details on service areas.  If for some reason we are unable to provide service, we would be happy to assist by referring you to a qualified Portable Restroom Company to take care of your out of area needs.

Where can you place my portable restroom?

We will place your portable restroom at your event or on your job site per your instructions. We will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate your wishes as to placement of the portable unit. However, we will relocate the unit or notify you if it becomes necessary so that it is readily accessible for servicing. This ensures that our trucks, employees and equipment are not in danger or at risk. 

What are the guidelines for ADA Compliant Restrooms?

At A Company Portable Restrooms we offer restrooms that are fully ADA compliant for use on a construction site, commercial area or special event. Our ADA units are large enough and contain all the proper requirements needed to meet the standards that have been outlined by the American's with Disabilities Act.  There must be at least 5% match to total of restrooms on site. If there are multiple banks of restrooms, it is recommended that an ADA restroom be at each bank. Our restrooms require no ramp and they have a 72-gallon holding tank.

Does a portable restroom on my construction job site really cut down on expenses and time?

By providing a portable restroom on your job site you can reduce the distance employees must travel to use a restroom, as well as the time employees must spend searching for an alternative facility because no close restroom has been provided.  The following information was developed by Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI)

Hourly Rate Five Employees Ten Employees
$7.00 $1,487.50 $2,975.00
$8.00 $1,670.00 $3,400.00
$10.00 $2,125.00 $4,250.00
$13.00 $2,762.50 $5,525.00
$15.00 $3,187.50 $6,375.00

Formula:  Hourly Rate divided by 60 Minutes Per Hour x 10 Minutes x Number of Employees x 255 Days Per Year.

For more information regarding this study, please contact the Portable Sanitation Association International at 1-800-822-3020.

What can be done if my unit is in an area of high wind or vandalism?

Upon request in some areas, we offer uniquely designed stakes to securely fit over the four skids on each side of the unit to anchor the unit securely to the ground, eliminating the problem of your portable restroom rental being tipped over in areas of high wind.  If your restroom is vandalized, please contact our office to report the incident.  Please find out more information about our Damage Waiver Option available for all restrooms by calling one of our helpful branch customer service representitives.

What happens if my portable restroom gets tipped over?

If a portable restroom gets tipped over we ask that you contact our office as soon as possible to report the incident.  We will dispatch a driver to come over to the location and clean and/or switch out the portable restroom with a replacement, depending on the severity of the tip over.

What is the frequency of service on my portable restroom?

We service the portable restroom as required per our customer's needs.  This varies according to the number of people using the portable restroom, along with how many portable restrooms are on location.  We determine the number of units that will be needed when setting up an order for delivery.  Service can be performed weekly, twice a week, every other week, monthly or as needed.  We will also service any sinks and holding tanks on the site when we come to service your restrooms.  Ensuring great service and minimizing surprises requires thoughtful and complete planning.  Our staff listens to your needs for your specific construction need or special event in order to help determine how often service is needed.

Am I required to have a portable restroom on my job site?

Most city ordinances specifically spell out the requirements of portable restrooms on a construction site.  Inspectors will require that a portable restroom is ordered and either placed on the site or on its way before approving the inspection.  In addition, OSHA requires a portable restroom on a construction site under the Safety and Health Regulations for Construction.  For information regarding specific city or county ordinances contact the city where construction is occurring.

How do you keep the water from freezing in the tanks in the colder temperatures?

At A Company Portable Restrooms we have several different ecologically friendly anti-freezing agent options to keep the water from freezing in the tanks during the winter months in northern locations. The anti-freeze agent is mixed in with the deodorizing water that is placed in the tank and works to keep the water fluid and unfrozen during the colder temperatures of the year. All products used are acceptable to our wastewater facilities.

Will the portable restroom be cleaned for my event?

Yes! A Company Portable Restrooms sets aside units just for special events and units just for construction sites. The wastewater from your portable restroom is taken to a local wastewater facility and disposed of according to the regulations, procedures and sanitary conditions required by the facility.

Can I rent a portable restroom for just one day?

Yes!  Our portable restrooms are great for family reunions, back yard BBQs, one-day races or special events.  It's always best to call two days prior to ensure proper delivery times for your event.